Volunteer Award Winners

In 2013, Komen Puget Sound boasted over 600 volunteers, who donated more than 8,000 hours to our mission. If we were to pay for all this support, the price would exceed $200,000! At our Community Impact Celebration in May 2013, we recognized a handful of our many wonderful volunteers and community partners who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

juli-farris-01Promise of One Award – Juli Farris
The Promise of One award is designed to recognize the power one person has to advance our promise to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures. The Promise of One volunteer goes above and beyond the call of duty and consistently strives to further the position of the Affiliate within the community while keeping the mission at heart.

As both a Board Member and Grants Committee Member, for the past three years, Juli Farris has been a model of active engagement and commitment to Komen Puget Sound. She also provides expert legal counsel, representation at various events focused on the African-American community and is a generous member of our Circle of Grace.

char-davis-01CJ Taylor Award – Char Davis
The CJ Taylor award honors the memory of the founder of Komen Puget Sound. The CJ Taylor Award for Volunteerism recognizes an individual, corporation or organization who champions the Komen promise with the courage, energy, grace and good sense of CJ Taylor. The nominee goes beyond the scope of the Affiliate volunteer to inspire others to serve.

Char Davis volunteers for Komen and has raised thousands of dollars for the fight because she says she was one of the lucky ones who had excellent health care benefits, but many who suffer, especially in these tough economic times, cannot afford treatment. As a volunteer, Char has done everything from stuffing envelopes to chairing the Race for the Cure committee. Char once told us, “I just feel such a sense of pride in my work as a volunteer for Komen Puget Sound, and I am really proud of what all the other volunteers do. We are a family, and there is nothing that separates us from that one goal–to find a cure.”

new-life-baptist-church-01Community Service Award – New Life Baptist Church in Lacey
The Community Service award is given to a corporation, organization or individual who carries the Komen message of breast health awareness and early detection through innovative programs, particularly in underserved communities. In this way, they demonstrate a commitment to the vision and core values of Komen.

Each year, New Life Baptist Church continues to expand its highly successful Worship in Pink (WIP) program, reaching hundreds of its parishioners with a message of early detection. During October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Church provides a full weekend of activities, including a Saturday health fair, workshops on various health topics and a mobile mammogram screening event. On Sunday, the Church decorates the pulpit in pink, parishioners (including men) wear pink and dedicates its worship service to remembering those who have passed away from breast cancer and celebrating its parish members who are survivors of the disease. In addition, the Church’s health ministers have been generous in sharing their knowledge and experience with other faith-based organizations, helping them launch their own WIP programs.

ken-kieffer-01New Volunteer Award – Ken Kieffer
This award is given to a volunteer who has made a significant, positive impact on the affiliate and our cause within their initial year or two as a volunteer.

Ken Kieffer takes the Komen message to the local community every chance he gets. He usually stands out because he often wear pink, zebra-striped pants and a pink pith helmet. Ken has represented Komen at employee giving events, staffed our table at outreach events, helped with mailings and office projects and more. One of the things that makes Ken such a valuable part of our team is his incredible communications abilities. He made great use of these skills when he spoke to legislators in Olympia for Komen Advocacy Day and more recently as part of a small focus group of volunteers addressing key organizational questions. “Komen is near and dear to my heart,” says Ken, “you never know whether donating one more hour or one more dollar will tip the scales towards a cure. That is why I do both.”

univision-seattle-01Outstanding Media Partner Award – Univision
The Outstanding Media Partner award is given to a media partner who shows support of the Komen cause, disseminates important breast health and breast cancer information to viewers and provides accurate, timely coverage of breast health and breast cancer issues.

In 2011, our partnership with Univision Seattle became more solidified with the launch of our La Mujer Hispana Project targeting the Latina community. Since then, Univision has donated numerous public service announcements and interviews in its prime time news programming, plus countless web-based advertisements, to help spread the message of early detection and promote mammogram screening events. Through interviews featuring Hispanic breast cancer survivors, Univision has helped send a message of hope and dispel the myth that getting breast cancer is a death sentence. Univision has been a committed and strong partner in making sure low-income, uninsured, limited-English speaking women have access to needed breast health services and treatment.

cindy-floresca-01Outstanding Individual Volunteer Award – Cindy Floresca
The Outstanding individual volunteer award is given to a volunteer who has embraced the Komen’s core values and has been a positive agent of change.

Cindy Floresca has been a quiet and steady force behind much of the work that we do at Komen Puget Sound. She has provided many hours of administrative support for the Volunteer Program. Cindy comes in regularly to write personal notes to major donors. She has headed up volunteer efforts for the Gene Juarez outreach program, for our corporate giving campaigns and for merchandise sales at the Race for the Cure. Cindy is equally willing to help with a mailing, staff a table at an outreach event or wrap gifts for special events. When Cindy commits to a project, you can be sure that she will do it and do it well. All of the staff at Komen love Cindy and look forward to her time in the office. She never puts herself forward or asks for recognition.

lunch-for-the-cure-committee-01Outstanding Volunteer Group Award – Lunch for the Cure Committee
The Outstanding Volunteer Group award recognizes volunteers who work together as a cohesive group to further the Komen Promise. Overall these volunteers demonstrate dedication, commitment, creativity, initiative and dependability. Their achievements, time, compassion and volunteer spirit serve as benchmarks for all volunteers.

In a year with a totally new Development team, we cannot say enough about how we appreciate the support and encouragement the team received from the 2013 Lunch for the Cure Committee and the leadership of the committee’s co-chairs, Kristi Hollyoak and Kate Morton. The Committee really stepped up to the plate in 2013, and as a result, hosted a successful event that brought in over $228 thousand. But what is most striking about this remarkable group of women is their longstanding commitment to Komen and their South Sound community, with most committee members, chairs and co-chairs serving for many years, while always welcoming new members.

ginny-douglas-01Lifetime Achievement Award – Ginny Douglas
This award goes to a volunteer who consistently strives to further the position of the Affiliate within the community, while keeping the Komen Promise at heart, over an extended period of time. This person exemplifies the highest values of a Komen volunteer and serves as a cohesive force and role model to volunteers, energizing their commitment to the cause.

Ginny has been a valued part of the Lunch for the Cure Committee for many years and served as co-chair of the committee in 2011 and 2012. She has inspired her committee, as well as volunteers and staff, with her grace, determination and positive attitude. Kate Morton told us: “Ginny really just steps up to the plate and is happy to help in any way. She is a tireless fundraiser and is one of the few women I know who is unafraid to cold call. In fact, Ginny is not afraid of anything. Ginny is an amazing philanthropist and an amazing, amazing gal.” And Sue Black said: “Ginny is such a leader, it really comes through. Yet, at the same time she is ready to step up to the plate and help out in any way. Ginny brings to the committee a giant heart and overflowing energy. She’s a pistol!”