Grant Making Process

Grant recipients are selected based on their ability to meet the needs identified in our Community Profile Report and move forward our mission of ending breast cancer forever.  The following is an outline of how Komen Puget Sound makes its grant awards.

An Overview of Komen Puget Sound’s Grant Making Process

1.  Use the Community Profile to establish priorities, goals and objectives

Every four years, Komen Puget Sound conducts a needs assessment, also referred to as a Community Profile Report, to guide our priorities and work more effectively within the in the Affiliate’s 16-county service area* Breast cancer and demographic statistics, breast health services and community perspectives are examined to identify disparities, gaps in services and barriers to care that prevent women from detecting breast cancer early, and then seeking and completing treatment.

2. Develop the Letter of Inquiry and Request for Applications (May – September)

Our Grants Committee, consisting of Board Members and community representatives with breast health expertise, uses the findings in the Community Profile Report to develop the service and population/community grant priorities. In addition, criteria by which applicants will be rated are established. These priorities are then translated into a Letter of Inquiry (LOI), which is the first step in the application process, followed by a Request for Applications (RFA).

3.  Solicit Applications (September –  January)

Funding priorities and criteria are announced and distributed to the community and potential applicants through a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process. Wide distribution is essential in order to make the grant process competitive. Komen Puget Sound provides technical assistance and, in some cases, capacity building small grants for a contracted grant writer or consultant to help potential applicants better respond to our LOI/RFA. LOIs are due mid-November and applicants are typically invited to submit a RFA in December. The RFA is due in early January.

4. Review Applications (January – February)

Grants are reviewed by a Grants Review Panel made up of community representatives. The panel members review, score, and rank the applications. Komen Puget Sound Staff and Board members are not involved in the scoring and ranking of applications.

5. Approve and Award Grants (March)

Once the Grants Review Panel has finalized their recommendations, the slate of grants is submitted to the Grants Committee. The Grants Committee reviews the slate to ensure the Affiliate’s priorities are met. Funding scenarios are made based on available resources. As a final step, the Komen Puget Sound Board of Directors approves the grant slate.

6. Manage and Monitor Grants (April 1 to March 31)

The Affiliate closely monitors all grantees to guarantee the awarded funds are used as intended and not used outside the scope of our promise to save lives and end breast cancer. The monitoring includes six-month and final reports, a site visit, and partnership meetings.

Questions and additional information, please contact 206.633.0303.