Large Community Grants

The Komen Puget Sound Affiliate offers large community grants ($5000+) for innovative programs that reduce breast cancer mormortality, especially among those who are disproportionately affected by the disease. We primarily direct our grantmaking to programs that promote early detection of breast cancer, provide culturally appropriate patient navigation services and assisting medically underserved breast cancer patients as they access treatment.

Apply for a Large Community Grant
To apply for a Large Community Grant, applicants must first submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). After a successful pre-screening of an LOI, organizations are invited to submit a full application. Invited applicants will then be given instructions to the online application on GeMS.

Large Community Grant Program Areas:

1.   Early Detection, Education and Outreach: Evidence shows that breast cancers that are detected early are much more treatable than those detected late. Programs that inform, educate and empower individuals to seek care and/or provide women with quality screening and diagnostic services with the intent to reduce health disparities and improve health equity. Those programs that support innovative partnerships to ensure continuity of care are encouraged. Sub-categories include:

  • Education that increases community knowledge, skill and ability to pursue preventative health practices and access health care services, focused on breast cancer screening and early detection;
  • Outreach programs that facilitate access to breast cancer screening, treatment and follow-up, particularly for those who have never been screened or have not been screened for 3-5 years or more; and
  • Delivery of screen and diagnostic mammography services.

2.   Patient Navigation: Culturally appropriate patient navigation reduces disparities in breast cancer outcomes by increasing a woman’s likelihood of initiating and completing treatment, especially among medically underserved women. In addition, these navigation programs have the potential to improve access to and enrollment in insurance options under the Affordable Care Act. Programs that:

  • Provide culturally appropriate one-on-one patient navigation programs that aid breast cancer patients in accessing and understanding the medical system and help to ensure that they receive and complete the best treatment possible (including, but not limited to, translation, transportation, accurate information, awareness raising, system navigation, insurance navigation, etc.).
  • Partner with healthcare providers to improve culturally sensitive services, increase community linkages and improve treatment continuity and follow-up.

3.   Patient Assistance and Treatment Support: Breast cancer patients often do not have the financial resources and support they need to obtain the best available treatments, which are critical to improving survival rates. This focus area includes “safety net” funding for low-income breast cancer patients, including financial assistance for the following: rent/mortgage; prescriptions for medications not available through pharmaceutical assistance funds; transportation; utilities; food and nutritional supplements; medical supplies such as lymphedema sleeves, dressings, etc.; COBRA insurance premiums; childcare; personal hygiene/specialty clothing items; dental care needed prior to chemotherapy.

Additionally, based upon the disparities identified by our Community Profile Report (Strengthening Partnerships for Community Impact), we aim to increase our funding to the following areas of need:

  • Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA – King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties)

Projects that will increase access to breast health care services through education and awareness raising, screening, patient navigation and patient assistance across the continuum of care for low-income, African American/Black, Hispanic/Latinos, American Indian/Alaska Native and Pacific Islander women (both native-born and immigrant), and projects that target rural/isolated areas.

  • Grays Harbor County

Projects that will increase access to health care services through breast cancer education and awareness, screening, patient navigation and patient assistance services across the continuum of care for low-income, rural, Hispanic (both native born and immigrant) and American Indian/Alaska Native women.

Key Populations

  • Projects that focus on underserved racial and ethnic, rural and sexual minority women and transgender/gender nonconforming individuals in communities that are within the target geographies (Grays Harbor, Greater Metropolitan Area) or those within the greater KPS service area.1

Affordable Care Act

  • Projects that incorporate the target populations outlined above and prioritize assistance to Apple Health and Exchange clients, as well as BCCHP individuals in order to improve insurance and BCCHP coverage and, in turn, access to health care services.

For more information concerning guidelines and criteria for the large community grants, please contact Silvia Kennedy, Director of Programs, at

1Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan, Island, Snohomish, King, Kitsap, Clallam, Jefferson, Mason, Pierce, Thurston, Lewis, Grays Harbor, Pacific, and Wahkiakum Counties