A Message from Komen Puget Sound Executive Director Molly O’Connor

Dear Komen Puget Sound Friends & Family:

I hope you are all well. I wish we could meet. It’s surreal to lead an organization for three months and not have met anyone in person, even the staff.

But I feel as if I’m slowly getting to know you and all of the light-hearted and devastating reasons why Komen matters to you. I have heard so many wonderful things about dedicated volunteers, committed donors, powerful moments at events and community programs and partnerships that make all the difference.

Thank you for helping us reach our $60,000 goal for our COVID-19 Action Fund. A few hundred low-income breast cancer patients will now have cash vouchers and the chance to worry just a little less for a moment about groceries, utilities, childcare, rent or finding a safe trip to treatment.

Like so many nonprofits and businesses, we continue to review our budget, make hard choices and re-envision how we best serve our community when money is tight and the inequities and disparities in our health care system have real consequences. Breast cancer isn’t waiting for us to develop a coronavirus vaccine or for our economy to bounce back. It definitely isn’t keeping track of the growing number of people without health insurance.

The breast cancer community needs us. And we need all of you.

As you’ll read more about in this newsletter, all Komen Puget Sound fall events are now virtual. It is the absolute right thing to do to protect our vulnerable community. We are working hard to make these virtual experiences special, and we hope you will fundraise, volunteer and be the enthusiastic cheerleaders you always are for Komen. We have set modest revenue goals, and we need everyone and every dollar to help us get there.

I also want to give my sincerest thanks to our partners who host our third-party events for their continued commitment, collaboration and creative alternatives this year. The funds you raise help us do so much more for breast cancer patients.

Thank you for all you do in partnership with us and in support of our region’s breast cancer community. I hope you will reach out if you have questions or concerns. I am here.