Survivor Story: Dana Chambers

Survivor Story: Dana Chambers

With a name like The Fabulous Foobs, the Race team co-led by survivor Dana Chambers would have a good story behind it. Indeed, “foobs” are the result of Dana’s own journey, which began in December 2013 with a needle biopsy and diagnosis of invasive ductal carcinoma.

Dana, married and “mom” to a quarter horse named Gunnar, was told to prepare for surgery, chemo and a long, difficult year. Determined to win the battle, she opted for a double mastectomy, and ended up having 16 lymph nodes out too.

Dana recalls a difficult recovery from surgery, followed by a surprising rebound during chemo. Though she lost her hair and experienced pain and fatigue, she took RV trips with her husband, rode Gunnar and made progress on her quilting projects. “I was not about to let cancer rule my life and take away the things I love the most,” she said.

She signed up for her first Race for the Cure and joined thousands of Komen Puget Sound supporters and fundraisers at Seattle Center last June. “At the end of the one-mile walk I was so warm that I decided to remove my bandana in public for the first time,” she said. A photographer captured the moment when a friend kissed Dana’s bald head. That compelling shot – with Dana’s beautiful grin – graces this year’s Race flyers and ads.

Dana’s battle isn’t finished. Chemo ended, but her oncologist advised Herceptin infusions and an anti-estrogen medicine along with radiation. With treatments and reconstruction still in her future, Dana works at maintaining a positive attitude, expressing thanks to God, family, friends and a supportive medical team. “I’m going to the gym, walking, riding my horse and living my life,” Dana said. “And I’ll see all of you at Race for the Cure on June 7!”