Susan G. Komen® Awards New Funding to Seattle-Based Breast Cancer Researchers

Susan G. Komen, the world’s largest nonprofit funder of breast cancer research, announced today that two researchers in Washington State will receive $800,000 to investigate breast cancer disparities and genetic mutations:

  • Mary-Claire King, Ph.D., of the University of Washington will receive $600,000 to screen for genetic mutations in families severely affected by breast cancer, potentially identifying novel mutations and mechanisms for inherited breast cancer.
  • Benjamin Anderson, M.D., of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center will receive $200,000 to develop tools for low-and middle-income countries to improve breast cancer early detection programs through collaboration of health policymakers, administrators and breast cancer advocates.

The new grants to Dr. King and Dr. Anderson bring Komen’s total research investments in Washington State to $9,860,000 since 1982.

The awards to both researchers, previously awarded and named as Komen Scholars, are among 124 new grants to researchers in 25 states and eight countries. Julie Gralow, M.D., a University of Washington researcher working to improve treatments for metastatic breast cancer, is also Komen Scholar who has received funding from the organization.

A full list of Komen’s 2015 research grants can be found here; they include:

  • 36 grants to improve understanding of metastatic breast cancer
  • 18 grants investigating how tumors develop drug resistance
  • 19 grants related to the study of triple negative breast cancer – one of the most aggressive forms of the disease
  • 15 grants working to identify and understand biological and socioeconomic health inequities
  • 13 grants seeking to develop new and novel therapies

The grants are funded through contributions from Komen’s nationwide network, including Komen Puget Sound, directing 25 percent of locally raised funds to national Komen for breast cancer research. The remaining 75 percent of affiliates’ net funds are invested in community outreach programs that serve local women and men facing breast cancer.

For more on local programs funded through Komen Puget Sound and to view the affiliate’s 2014 Annual Report visit

Media Contact: Christi Ball Loso, Senior Public Relations Manager
Susan G. Komen Puget Sound
206-633-0303 x116